Kim Watson: Educator+Graphic Designer

Columbia Tribune article covering my MFA Show 

This video shows the evolution of Kim Watson, designer/educator. From life as a freelance graphic designer to mfa student to assistant professor. You will see examples of my work and student work as well as photos of our visiting designer Rocco Piscatello.

Social Sacrifice

A film produced in tandem with the creation of tri color gum bichromate photographic prints for my MFA thesis exhibit. The film was projected on a forty inch slab of ice at the opening reception.

Tri-Color Gum Bichromate Prints 

My MFA Photography confronting the issue of conformity in our society to the point of stifling creativity. Photos printed in the 19th century alternative photographic process Tri-Color Gum Bichromate.

MU Illuminations Online Magazine 

Flash animation developed for the University of Missouri’s MU Illuminations, online magazine. I was asked to construct a runner and a cyclist in order to demonstrate the impact of exercise on bones.

Kim Watson Teaching Website 

This website (no longer current) was developed in 2010 for Universities to source my CV, Portfolio, Student Work samples, Teaching Philosophy, etc… I built this site using original photography, handmade paper, letterpress, Dreamweaver and CSS.

Flash Animation of the Limbic System produced alongside my MFA research on creativity. The animation informs how the visual stimuli of design effects emotions and how emotions are connected to memory which in turn elicits a response by its viewer.

Kim Watson

Kim Watson is currently an Instructor of Graphic Design, Package Design, Publication Design and Two Dimensional Design at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, Missouri. Since 1995, Kim has also been a freelance Graphic Designer and has owned and operated Pinnacle Graphics. The native Chicagoan earned two undergraduate degrees from Columbia College in Columbia, Missouri and completed her Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri.

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